FAQ-Domande Frequenti

Frequent questions :
  • Why buy a manger / nest?
Wild birds often cannot find food in winter, due to a lack of fruit on trees or many insects not available at certain times of the year. Putting a feeding trough on your patio or garden helps these birds survive the winter. A nest, on the other hand, is even more important considering the vastness in which entire forests are cleared and therefore the lack of natural shelters.
  • How and when a feeding trough / nest should be installed?
 The most suitable time to install a manger is at the beginning of winter, when the cold begins to be felt. It will take some time for the birds to get used to the new location and start frequenting it. At this particular time it is important to continue to supply the manger with fresh food.
The manger must always be placed in a quiet and safe place to ensure that visitors are not disturbed. To prevent access to food for large birds (crows, pigeons, magpies) it is always necessary to create hanging feeders (from the branches of plants, from the window) to allow only small birds to lean on to feed. All of our feeders and nests come with a simple hook on the back for easy hanging from a tree or nail on the wall.
  • What kind of food is best for wild birds to use?
 A feeding trough can attract many different species of wild birds, such as, depending on the food you put in it.
Kind of food Bird species
Hemp seeds and chopped corn Finches, greenfinches and goldfinches
Sunflower seeds Finches, greenfinches, tits
Sweet crumbs Robins, tits, finches, blackbirds, blackcaps
Dried fruit Tit
fresh fruit Blackbirds, thrushes, blackcaps, robins, blue tit
Fat and meat Tit, robins, blackbirds and thrushes
IMPORTANT: starchy foods are not to be considered the ideal food for birds, but a few crumbs of panettone or biscuits can help them accumulate energy to overcome the coldest days of the year. Seeds rich in "good" fats are always the preferred diet.
Source: Lipu.it
  • Why choose TREEHOOD.IT?
Treehood is a brand of Il Buco Nel Legno, many of you in fact know us as the latter. We have been active in the sector for many years but constantly evolving to follow the demand of our customers. Our creativity guarantees you that no object is ever the same, if you go to Treehood you will have a unique creation in your garden and the pleasure of admiring it for many years. Our products are made to last over time and withstand the elements.
It is important to remember that everything is handmade in Italy in our laboratory in Tuscany. ours is a guarantee of quality.
  • What do I do if I can't find the product I want?
Remember that you can always contact us for anything, we are available with our Chat (at the bottom right of the site) to answer any doubts and wishes. We do commission work on a regular basis so don't hesitate to contact us if you don't find the right product for you on our site right now. If you prefer you can write to info@treehood.it